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I arrived in Madrid and was instantly in love with the charm and age of the city.

I was even more impressed when we stumbled across an amazing room filled with hanging Jamon, in which you order your food and drink and eat standing up at the bar. We had hot bread rolls filled with either Jamon or Queso, plates of Chorizo, croquettes, a couple of beers and wines each and between four of us it only cost 20 euro!

We visited many of the sites, including the Museo Reina Sofia, which made me wish i knew more about the art I was looking at.

Unbeknown to us, we were there during Gay Pride week, and Kylie Minogue was playing and we didn´t even know to go see her! Josh and the other boys were definitely getting all the attention in Madrid...

We moved on to San Sebastian for a night, and then to Pamplona for a night in between to see the opening of the Running of the Bulls. It was MADNESS! Sangria everywhere, 1L bottles of the stuff cost 3 euro so its no wonder the streets were flooded with it!
The opening ceremony day is just a huge party, with people everywhere. We got up early the next day to head back in and watch the first run. We stood in the Stadium at the end of the run and watched from up high as the bulls took the last turn of the course and entered the stadium.
We didn´t realise, but all the people running with the bulls go in to the stadium as well. They herd the big bulls that did the run into another area, but then let go young bulls one at a time that just charge around the stadium which is full of people, and the people just have to run out of the way!! It was mental, those people were crazy!!

Josh ran on the second day, but I wasn´t there to see it as I was back in San Sebastian by then. He came out unscathed but said hes never sprinted so fast in his life.

We extended our stay in San Sebastian rather than going back to Madrid because it was just stunning. I loved the beach, and the lifestyle. There is a huge French influence, being so close to the French border, and I think a lot of wealthy people choose to holiday there rather than the South of France.
The night life was amazing, little old laneways filled with bars had people piling inside everynight, and the party would just spill out on to the street. It meant that our days started very late...and were quite lazy...but why not take advantage of the fact that it´s socially acceptable to sleep in the afternoon!!

We headed back to Madrid for one night, where we caught a bus the next day to get to Lagos in Portugal, which is where I´m writing this from now.
But that blog will come another day! Let´s just say for now, I´m loving it here and don´t want to leave the coast!

Adios Amigos!

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In Bangkok in some lounge that has wierd food with ham they leave out for 8 hours. ew.
so bored though.
but made a friend!

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After my phone buzzing 3 times with 'test' emails coming through checking that my 'out of office' message was working, I was prompted to 'test' this blog to double check it is working (and more importantly, double check that I know how to use it...)
Back to packing, adios!

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